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MGV-20 available to order

-30kV High Voltage Vacuum Relays - SPST (Single Base Single Throw) - There are two versions available: a) MGV20A (SPST-NO, Normally Open) b) MGV20B (SPST-NC, Normally Closed) -High voltage switching - screw connection. - Relay fastening - through, under a carving.

New directions in application.

High voltage vacuum relays can be applied in various fields such as radar systems, ESD pulse generating equipment, high voltage test equipment, high voltage power supplies, airfield lighting systems.

The main application of the relay.

As everyone knows, high-voltage relays are called relays that switch circuits with voltages over 500 V and high currents. Precisely because of the ability to steer gigantic powers, relays are used in aerospace RF applications. This equipment requires compact relays that have low RF overhead, have unsurpassed dielectric properties at high voltages, and are capable of operating at high altitudes under harsh weather conditions. Other than that, extensive use of relays has been found in medical equipment and all sorts of commercial applications.

inside the relay

For increased electronic insulation strength, high-voltage relays are made vacuum or gas-filled, for example, as the dielectric strength of vacuum, sulfur hexafluoride or an inert gas is higher than air. Even in a vacuum or in an insulating gas environment, no oxidation of the contacts occurs, which in fact makes it possible to use copper or rhodium contacts capable of withstanding gigantic currents. To be able to be used in applications where space is "hot-switched" at low currents, we have come up with vacuum relays with contacts made of durable materials such as tungsten... Read More »inside the relay

MEGAVAC = reliability!

MEGAVAC is: -15 years of experience in the production of high voltage vacuum relays and capacitors -Production upgrade in 2016. -More than 100 major OEM contracts -6 categories and over 200 product types. Quality 1. 100% quality control. 2. Unique… Read More »MEGAVAC = reliability!