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High voltage vacuum relays. Areas of use.

RF\HF\UHF equipment.

Vacuum relays play a vital role when high power and low RF losses are required.

  • Vapor deposition for wafer processing
  • Antenna transmitter/receiver switches
  • Pulse Shaping Networks
  • Ionic implant
  • Power supplies for MRI
  • Radar systems
  • Security screening systems
  • Power supplies on TWT
  • Radio antenna matching circuits

Test equipment and instruments

Gas-filled relays are excellent for applications with high inrush current and stable leakage current, while vacuum relays are ideal for applications with low leakage and high current.

  • Equipment for the formation of pulses of electrostatic discharge
  • HiPot testing
  • Cable testing
  • Motor winding test
  • Megaohm testing
  • high power lasers
  • Power supply testing
  • Mass spectrometry
  • High voltage power supplies
  • Equipment for testing transformers.
  • Specialized ballast testing equipment.

Custom Solutions

Relays can also be filled with special gases for special applications. They can be repackaged, customized or tested for specific requirements.

  • Ultra low leakage (nanoamps)
  • Screw terminals, long leads or special connectors
  • Special packaging for replacing obsolete relays.
  • Application at very low temperatures.
  • High Pressure Ocean Applications
  • Low outgassing and Hi-Rel testing with tracking and configuration control for space and satellites.

Special Application

  • Vacuum and gas relays are great for:
  • Airport lighting systems
  • Geoscience borehole data collection
  • scientific equipment
  • Subsea power distribution
  • Sinusoidal cardiac defibrillators