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MEGAVAC = reliability!


-15 years of experience in the production of high voltage vacuum relays and capacitors
- Production update in 2016.
-More than 100 major OEM contracts
-6 categories and more than 200 types of products.


1. 100% quality control.
2. Unique serial number for each product.
3. Passport with a table of measurements of the main parameters at the final control for each product.
4. Own production of a full cycle.


1. Interchangeability with major manufacturers: Gigovac (90%), Kilovac (90%), Jenings (70%), Cynergy3 (20%).
2. We are ready to modify the current models and expand the range according to the client's requirements.
3. Variable control coil voltage.

Work directly with the manufacturer.

1. 5-6 weeks.
2. Possibility of splitting the batch into parts for speeding up.
3. Fast upgrade of a number of parameters.

1. Technical support in the Russian Federation.
2. Warehouse in the Russian Federation.
3. Free samples.
4. Carrying out additional tests at the request of the client. To confirm the work in difficult conditions.
5. Development of new solutions according to the client's requirements. From idea to pilot
sample 1-2 months!

1. For each batch of relays, we provide free
additional coils in the amount of 3% of the total volume
order. 200 relays x 3%=6 free coils.
2. Each lot has an inspection sheet with
the results of measurements of the main parameters at the output
3. An additional visual inspection is underway at the warehouse in the Russian Federation
integrity of the packaging and selective check of the relay for
the presence of external damage.
4. Warranty stock of 1-2% per lot is in stock. Thank you for your attention